Sunday, 29 February 2004

Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance II

Well a fortnight later, and after a shade under twenty hours playing time, I've finished it.

It was alright - it certainly started off really well but then the Necromancer got way too beefy and all the fights became too easy. Each boss fight turned into me raising some undead or shadow to hold the boss at bay while I stood on the sidelines holding the 'B' button down to cast enervate on the baddie until he died. Occasionally I'd have to move out of his way. It wasn't much of a challenge.

Having said that, those trident wielding giant golems on the third level of the Oynx tower got the blood flowing before the finale - they were much more like it!

If you're planning on getting this then I'd say steer clear of the magic user classes, especially the Necromancer. They make it too easy. I had contemplated playing the monk at the beginning, I suspect that might have been better - lots of unarmed combat, hopefully not so much of the instant-death spells. Try the monk :-)