Sunday, 6 January 2008

Barclays Take a Bad Thing and Make it Worse

A friend of mine has gotten himself into a bit of bother with his debts (there but for the grace of God etc.) and is having to go through the machinations of extracting himself from it. Some lenders have been very good about it when he got in touch with them - Egg and Goldfish get honourable mention from him - but some are not so good about it. In particular Barclays are being absolute shits. I stopped using their cards a few years back, and after reading the following excerpt that he emailed me, copied from some debt advice site, I'm rather glad that I did!

Barclaycard responded to my CCA within the 12 + 2 days timescale (just) - although what they supplied does not have an original signed agreement -no signature on anything. All they supplied was Terms and conditions and a statement of account. The S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) request sent around 60 odd days ago still needs full compliance. If you send a SAR to Barclaycard they will drag it out forever. You may well have to threaten them with everything to get compliance! Their in house collectors Mercers are complete morons to say the least. They either cannot read or think they are above the law. Hubby has had repeated phone calls from them at work despite 5 letters to tell them to correspond in writing only. They have not complied with the CCA request - although Barclaycard did (to some extent). Mercers just keep on hassling you no matter what you throw at them. You should keep up your repayments to Barclaycard or face the risk of a default and if the charges are less than the default you will have trouble getting it removed. Barclaycard are absolute B*****ds, they think they make the laws! Mercers are even worse. Read up on here tho - there is some great advice. If by chance they have defaulted you and your charges are more than the default amount you stand a good chance of getting them to remove it.

I hope I never get into the position that my friend finds himself in, but if I ever do, I really don't want to have a Barclaycard in my wallet.