Saturday, 9 February 2008

XPlay 3 Problems

I had a quick go with XPlay 3 today. It's a third party iPod sync thingy that can let you get music off of your iPod as well as (apparently) sync via Windows Media.

I say 'apparently' because while I'd installed the previous version, 2.6, on a friends machine and had no bother with it, I couldn't get it to play ball on my machine. It insisted on Windows Media Player 11 being installed before it would install - that was tedious but no real problem. After installation and a reboot it saw the iPod and the music on it - all good! :) Unfortunately it broke the other USB devices I have. I plugged in a USB drive and Windows didn't see it. The PDA was plugged in on bootup but it wasn't showing up in Windows - when I unplugged it I got an error message from XPlay about missing hardware.

I tried another reboot, this time with all USB devices unplugged. That was a little better, the flash HDD showed up when I plugged it in - but nothing else did. I plugged in the iPod, wasn't seen, plugged in the PDA, nothing. A little later on I unplugged the iPod which triggered an XPlay error message and disappearance of the flash HDD, which wasn't terribly funny as I was running a virtual machine off of it at the time.

One uninstall (and another Goddamn reboot!) later and everything was groovy again including, luckily, the VM. It all kind of rather put me off XPlay though.