Sunday, 11 May 2008

Hailing a cab in GTA 4

I bought GTA IV this week and I'm playing it in between WoW sessions. I like it, particularly the city itself which they've done really well.

One thing that was bugging me was how to hail a taxi. The instructions say you can do it by whistling for one but they didn't give the button to press, and I spent a fair while standing in front of a cab pressing every combination of buttons I could think of to get Niko to whistle - all to no avail. It turned out, as I had begun to suspect, that you can't hail a cab until the game tells you that you can. That happened a couple of missions in.

Once the game has unlocked cabs for you it's the left shoulder bumper on the 360 to whistle, hold down Y to get in. Tapping Y will carjack the taxi as per normal.