Sunday, 10 August 2008

Subversion and "Access denied: MKACTIVITY"

Another dull techie post. I was having problems with Subversion after doing a checkout on a new project. I could download the source but whenever I tried to check anything back in I got an error 403 and a message about access denied on MKACTIVITY for user whatever.

It turned out that the project name is case sensitive. When I setup the checkout in TortoiseSVN I'd entered the name of the project (which is all in upper-case in the repository) in lower-case. It connected just fine and allowed me to get the source, but then complained on the check-in. Doing a relocate in TortoiseSVN didn't actually change the case so it didn't work. Apparently using the SVN command line relocate would have worked, but in my case all I'd done was rename a file so it was fairly trivial to just delete the entire checkout folder and then redo it, this time using the proper case. After that it worked fine.